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The Health Board is urging those in the 'flu at risk' group to protect themselves and others this winter from the serious complications of flu by getting their flu jab.
Get your annual flu vaccination in the autumn to reduce the risk of flu if you're in the 'flu at risk' group ?
e ct.gov.uk/pandemicflu the call centre on 0800 1 513 513, trained staff will be assess them over the Peopl to have le who are confirmed swine flu will be given an authorisation number that a 'flu friend' - a friend or relative who does not have swine flu - can use to pick up the antivirals from one of the local antiviral collection points.
Dr Salmon said, 'Flu activity varies from year to year - some years are worse than others, although every year we do see a flu season that lasts six to eight weeks.