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In Matt 5:38-39, Jesus addresses 'ayin tachat 'ayin ("eye for eye") in terms of personal revenge and related implementations, but the Rabbis' understanding is mamon tachat 'ayin ("value of an eye"), and this is seen as remedial justice for the guilty and concern for the injured.
(Judeo-Italian words will be spelled according to Italian orthography, with the addition of x for the sound represented by the Hebrew letters khet and khaf ng for the velar nasal consonant that many Italian Jews use for the sound of the letter 'ayin, and sh for the sound of the letter shin.
1 i, 3 is a case where the second 'ayin has dissimilated to aleph
Apocryphon, where it is the initial 'ayin (not the second one) that
Here GaB pays too much attention to the suggestion that the initial 'ayin might be a dissimilated prosthetic aleph.