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the decade from 1990 to 1999

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Despite being barely born at the time when '90s romantic movies were at their peak, she revealed that she was a certified fan of 'Tagalog cheesy films.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer was the closest us '90s kids got to Game of Thrones
The spring/summer 2016 exhibits the big return to the '90s when Kate Moss's heroin chic, Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love's grunge look, and the Adidas tracksuit were more of cultural rather than stylistic influences in fashion.
One of the leading exponents of Italian house music, Black Box flourished on the dance floors of the late '80s and early '90s.
In the '90s, there was nowhere to skate,'' said Rich Brown, 32, explaining that skate parks have renewed many people's interest in skating.
All were part of a close-knit group of critics and curators who were influential actors on the Belgrade art scene throughout the '90s.
In the late '90s, Galloo Plastics in France commercialized altered-media separation of PP from auto shredder residue using float/sink cascades from Engineering Separation and Recycling in the U.
Through the 1980s and '90s more than a dozen firms found WOM strategies to be most effective in engaging physicians about new products.
According to The New Great Migration Black American's Return to the South, 1965-2000 during the Fatter part of the '90s, the South was the only region in the U.
We had perfect weather from the late '90s to the first quarter of 2000, followed by the perfect storm of the last two and a half years.
Exportadores Bolivianos, a $30 million-a-year jewelry company, was one of seven gold jewelry exporters that sprung up in the early '90s when the first trade preference act was set in place.
If we were to think back to, say, the 1980s and early '90s, there was another company that was keeping the people in Detroit up late at night: Nissan.
In the roaring late '90s, tax revenues gushed into Washington.