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the decade from 1990 to 1999

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In that position, he leased more than 2 million SF of office space including many deals during the depths of the early '90's recession.
"When I joined Korn/Ferry International in the early '90's, we had a staff of 12," said Terence McGovern, managing director.
Davis says Cambridge expanded its lending operations beyond the Chicago metropolitan area in the '90's with closings in California, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Utah and Wisconsin.
From the late '80's through the early '90's, the Gold Coast was most often a bridesmaid.
This status quo began to change in the early '90's, as the new global economy, driven by the evolution of computers and other high technology businesses, began to emerge from recession.
Examining several of the key numbers that brokers, buyers and owners often use to gauge the market, we find that the market has finally recovered the losses of the early '90's. On a per square foot basis, prices in a variety of product categories have returned to 1988 levels.
Lessons of the real estate crash of the early '90's should never be overlooked.
"Ever since we sold Queens Center, which Shopco redeveloped in the early '90's, we've been looking to get involved with a major retail project in New York City.
This new-found cooperation is ensured through owner-oriented management contracts '90's style."
The "steals" of the early '90's are quickly becoming ancient history and a more stable and mature value-added marketplace has begun to take shape.
This presents owners and their maintenance companies with what I like to call the "Challenge of the '90's.
Stephen Green said his company will focus its energy's "on improving, revitalizing and repositioning the IDCNY for the '90's."