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the decade from 1980 to 1989

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"You like the '80s?" I asked because personally I prefer "Love at First Sight" from 2001 and "All the Lovers" from 2010.
Joining Jett in the show-which takes place on May 18 at The Theatre at Solaire-are his fellow '80s artists Gino Padilla (GP), Jam Morales (JM), Lou Bonnevie (LB) and Raymond Lauchengco (RL).
Now two Welsh DJs, Mikey Snooze, 33, and Nathan Jones, 27, both from Cardiff, have mined the '80s for inspiration for their new club night Lycra - dance parties where an aerobics fitness routine is built into the show.
For Radio 2 DJ Sara Cox is bringing her Just Can't Get Enough of the '80s tour to Cardiff.
BEIRUT: Nestled in Hamra's notorious Alleyway, new restobar Walkman was designed to take patrons on a journey back in time to the good old eclectic '80s. At the bar's entrance, customers are greeted by a life-size John Travolta cutout from the classic '80s flick "Saturday Night Fever." Inside, the eye is instantly drawn to a large disco ball.
"The seniors usually win," said Alicia Gordon, a senior who opted for the '80s girl look on Thursday.
The author is at his best when triangulating or cross-referencing these categories: In a discussion of the '80s vogue for anti-nuclear war films like Testament and The Day After, Jenkins notes how these pictures highlighted nuclear winter's threat to children, wryly concluding, "The bomb was the ultimate form of child abuse."
Throughout the early '80s, Cubist still-life concerns reappeared in paintings depicting coffee cups, shoes, and fragments of domestic interiors, while her Chicago connection insinuated itself in images of wispy, ghostly hands, wraithlike figures, and schematized animalistic biomorphs.
It would not be too surprising to stumble across a party who had been lost here since the '80s. Some forgotten tribe of New Romantics might be hiding out in the mezzanine level.
In the '80s, we had limited connectivity; today, we are highly connected.
We give you the answers to what's in fashion this fall--from mod to military, '80s punk to athletic chic.
The decade of the '80s is still so recent that there are not many memoirs yet written about it.
Yet there was something oddly familiar about this year's offerings: Hasbro trotted out a Godzilla-sized Tonka Truck; Mattel reintroduced Hot Wheels cars; and the Cartoon Network touted its $20-million resurrection of the '80s cartoon smash "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe," along with 25 new He-Man toys aimed to coincide with the cartoon's comeback.
In many ways, alternative rap, with messages closer to typical life and sounds that are both old-school and experimental, is following the path of alternative rock's rise in the late '80s. It's a large network of local scenes brimming with talented bands getting on playlists at college radio stations.