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the decade from 1970 to 1979

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The label has tapped into the editorial '70s imagery for inspiration and has re-launched the vintage Kabel font logo.
l Fall/winter 2015/16 '70s styles means warm textures, clean cuts, elegant silhouette, bold A-line shape and structured statement pieces.
The revival has even prompted the Barnardo's shop in Swansea to open a '70s department later this month.
It's always interesting to see life from another person's unique perspective, and for Darryll Sherman the '70s were 'the good old days'.
He was a spiritual godfather both to the Homebrew Computer Club of the '70s that gave rise to the Apple personal computer and to Wired's libertarian techno-optimism of the '90s; in-between, he helped launch an early and extremely influential computer bulletin board, The WELL (Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link).
This collection could be seen as a trip back to the weird world of the '70s and '80s, a coming-of-age story or a self-analysis of the path of a developing writer.
Did you have to learn any tricks to fill the shoes of being the '70s Tony Alva?
In those from the '70s, Gorchov's play with ambidexterity tends toward nuances of asymmetry, accented by Art Deco-ish shapes.
police officer and Neale Perkins, the founder of Safariland, both broke out of the holster rut during the early '70s with a totally new approach to police duty holsters and their accoutrements.
ALTHOUGH not associated with style, the '70s are hip once more, with models sashaying down the catwalks of Paris, London and Milan in kaftans, cheesecloth and serious hippy chic.
You can wave bye-bye to Miss American Pie but '70s style is back
John of the Cross gymnasium, and I was dressed in the height of early '70s fashion: blue blazer, big maroon tie, extremely groovy white pants, and, bringing the outfit to completeness, orange round-toed platform shoes.
As it heads into a three-month hiatus, "That '70s Show" is hitting its stride as a solid component of Fox's Sunday schedule.
Like the best and worst of the '70s disaster movies, it is junky film making, with soggy dialogue and over-the-top performances.