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the decade from 1950 to 1959


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Join in with some singalong skiffle, visit the '50s bedroom where you can try on clothing from the era, and see the cinema exhibition in the Museum Room in the 1900s Town.
Packed with 1950s music, dance, fun, food and fashion, it promises to be a great opportunity to dust off your '50s gear and enter the Mr and Miss Beamish contest.
Why do so many intellectuals disparage the '50s? Bashing "the man in the gray flannel suit" became an intellectual cause celebre.
Riccardo Hernandez, SCENIC DESIGN: When Joe mentioned wanting to make transitions between scenes using a '50s pop singer, that led to the idea of a TV studio--it made sense that the setting would be a place of performance, and the '50s is when TV was born.
"We've both always been into the '50s. I've got an old juke box with lots of old 45s and we both like the films, the clothes and hairstyles of the era.
The images form a sort of diary of symbolic Moroccan places: the cannon in Essaouira, the port town where Orson Welles shot Othello in the early '50s; an aerial view of Marrakech; a Delacroix drawing of a young Moroccan man; a Marrakech hotel "inspired by" Jimi Hendrix; the vacation homes of fashion designers Yves St.
Letscher, who displays good comic chops, looks more like the love child of Bill Pullman and Peter Sarsgaard than '50s movie giant Rock Hudson.
Crime was particularly an issue for older people in Wales, with 88% saying the best thing about life in the '50s was 'less crime' and 97% saying they miss seeing bobbies on the beat.
Would you share your insights on the McCarthy era and its impact on the African American theatre artists of the '50s?
A concert titled "Comin' Up Roses: Broadway in the '50s" is scheduled for 7:30 p.m.
Steal: '50s Polka dot skirt, pounds 15, Internacionale With net underskirt, this is a perfect, cheap way of buying into the '50s thang the biggest trend for this spring.
Deke has a bunch of excellent '50s style recording available on Hightone records as well as on his own label, Ecco-Fonic records.
Yet one thing Dylan has never been is "authentic," the prime value of the late '50s and early '60s folk-music milieu from which he arose.
In other words, the shift to marriage as an option may well have given more people the freedom to bail out early, but it has also given many of us the room and incentive to build relationships with significantly more intimacy, flexibility, and mutual satisfaction than was possible under the rigid structure and gender roles of the idealized nuclear family of the '50s.
A new library built of warm wood for a '50s house near Oslo is a masterpiece of joinery.