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the decade from 1940 to 1949


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Among them is a rare copy of an original song performed in the '40s by Asha Al Falatiya for the Sudanese soldiers who were commissioned to fight the Nazis in World War II.
Talhune is an Ethiopian singer from the '40s. Asha Al Falatiya is the most famous female singer from the '30s and '40s.
There were Batman movies in the '40s, a campy Batman TV series in the '60s, and Tim Burton's 1989 reinvention of the franchise that led to four blockbuster films about Gotham's greatest crimefighter.
The remaining chapters trace "the rise of 'neomodernist' styles" during the late ' 30s and early '40s, styles returning to the knotty vocabularies of High Modernism that nonetheless disclose unexpected "continuity with the work of the 'red decade.' "Like the prior chapters on Hughes and Brown, those on Hughes and Gwendolyn Brooks in the '40s locate the shaping polarization within a poetic moment: this time, the clash between Brooks's wry, self-ironizing "high neomodernism" and Hughes's "popular neomodernism," more confident about speaking as the people without being spoken by the worst in popular culture.
By the time the reader reaches the brief conclusion of The New Red Negro, it is hard not to share Smethurst's sense that the African American leftist poetry of the '30s and '40s is a covert root of great power, affecting everything from the first widespread literary reverberation of the black folk voice to the New American Poetry of the '50s and '60s, purportedly less indebted to Hughes than to William Carlos Williams.
Nor of the patronage of John Entenza, purchaser and editor of Arts and Architecture, who launched a Case Study House programme of 36 modern houses in the '40s to prevent the public returning after the war to the 'false ideal of the Cape Cod dream cottage'.
Not so Cell XXV: two female torsos and a bust, dressed '40s style, in a circular steel cage, their "jealousy" directed either at one another or at the liminal effigy of the "husband"--two enormous marble balls on the cage's floor.
And in the '40s there was a whole group of black youth who called themselves the Paul Robeson Movement.
The '40s, when the ww2 made it seem, again, like there might be equality in the offing.
31) the Musee de I'Homme in Paris hosts "Jean Rouch: Recits Photographiques," an exhibition culled from some 20,000 photographs from the filmmaker's archive, which he recently donated to the institution, including a trove of images from the Songhay region in the '40s. A by-product of his filmmaking, the photos have never before been shown on their own, except for a small exhibition last spring at NYU's Maison Francaise.
Cadmus's unique contribution to the myth of working-class sexuality--a preoccupation of '40s and '50s homosexual culture--was in the boyscout earnestness he brought to the endeavor.
By freely mixing in early black and white images from the '30s and '40s with more recent work in both black and white and color (as well as the astonishing film In the Street, made by Levitt, James Agee, and Janice Loeb in 1945-46, and recently screened at Documenta X), "Crosstown" emphasized the continuity of Levitt's sixty-year career.
Yet similar pictures from the '40s are marred by various faults of handling and overcrowding.
Presenting an architectural portrait of rigorous purity and refined order, with form obediently following function, Shulman's photographs of commercial buildings and houses from the '30s, '40s, and '50s are high-Modernist foils to Jean Baudrillard's phantasmagoric vision of Los Angeles.
However pat that may sound, it works perfectly, especially when Noguchi's eclectic yet often visionary work of the '30s and '40s is taken into consideration.