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the decade from 1920 to 1929

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David Wallace's book, Capital of the World, seems to have been written to take advantage of the renewed interest in everything '20s.
5 -- color) Antique mantel mirrors and sconces covered with a mosaic of mirrors reflect the lush life of the '20s and '30s, available at Bombay Co.
2) After the First World War and the defeat of inflation, Potsdamer Platz was the symbol of the city in the roaring '20s.
The Roaring '20s - particularly in New York, Douglas's focus - represent the end of Victorian gentility, the conclusion of the 19th-century feminization of American culture (the topic of her previous research).
The Sweet & Hot Music Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to perpetuating the music of the '20s, '30s and '40s.
We're seeing a new interest in pared-down, almost ultramodern designs that parallel the Bauhaus design schools of Germany in the '20s (that focused on function) and also the later designs by Charles Eames with chrome, steel and leather, which are on the cutting edge again .
Its big drum, under its square top, terminates the composition on the Elbe, and acts as a counterpoint to the five-storey '20s tower diagonally across the court.
Fashion students should take note, she says, that dark opaque stockings dominated the 'teens, while flesh-toned silk hose was popular in the '20s, and bright-colored silk stockings dyed to match the dress and shoes were a '30s trend - a marked contrast to the frugal wartime '40s when women often went without hose and were known to draw ``seams'' up the backs of their legs.
In the '20s, New York came into its own as a global capital and this was symbolized by the convergence of vertical and horizontal forces.
Every room - the eight bedrooms, eight bathrooms, four kitchens, wine cellar, billiard room, cigar room, breakfast nook that sports a mural inspired by Pompeii, private phone booths and music room, to name a few - graciously re-create a vintage '20s feel.
Greenspan, in an article he wrote in the '60s, ``Gold and Economic Freedom,'' described how this process worked in the late '20s.
Moreover, the events that constitute the episode of New York Dada are confined to the years of World War I and its immediate aftermath, whereas the influence of Surrealism spreads unevenly over the next three decades of American history, beginning with a select group of American writers and magazine editors living in Paris in the '20s and moving on to the eventual absorption of Surrealist automatism into the visual vocabulary of Abstract Expressionism during the years of World War II.
In addition to seeing the term creative black tie, you'll be seeing invitations to wear something from the roaring '20s, the swing dance era, or the cocktail-crazed '50s.
in the works of the '20s, the grid assumes the role of the signifier; it is the foundation of his plastic discourse, while color, or its absence, operates on a more "retinal," perceptual level.
In her home-based studio overlooking the San Fernando Valley, Lichtman imports Czech rabbit fur felt and Milan straw and creates the shapes with antique wooden and papier-mache blocks from the '20s and '30s and some actually used for Dior's New Look in the '50s.