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a person whose material wealth is valued at more than a million dollars

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Selling Price: $1,000,000 Region: Southeast (AR LA TN MS AL GA FL) Category: Listing #:100776 (B) [To receive the contact name for this listing, reference the five-digit number which follows each listing and e-mail to FirstList, mergers@firstlist.
WHAT'S THE PRICE COMPARING LIFE POLICIES (Male, Age 50, $1,000,000 DB, Best Underwriting Class) Total CV Year 1 Premium Policy Type Age 51 $790 1 Yr Term Term $0 $1,190 * 10 Yr Term Guar Term $0 $8,800 UL No Lapse UL $4,386 $8,891 VUL to Endow 8% VUL $5,823 Gross Rate $10,434 UL Curr Rate 5.
A "B" loan in the amount of $1,000,000 was obtained by Richard Pergolis for a four story office building on Franklin Ave.
Helen Armstrong, Brandon University, Community-based Aboriginal curriculum initiatives: implementation and evaluation, $1,000,000,
The corporate trading company agreed to purchase the entire inventory and offered the appliance company the full wholesale value of $1,000,000 in trade credit toward a media budget of $4,000,000, with the balance of $3,000,000 payable in cash.
This program will pay up to $50,000 in defense costs and judgments for each covered incident, to a $1,000,000 lifetime maximum.
401(k) plan allows in-service distributions after age 59 5,2, however, X could roll over the $1,000,000 plan balance into an IRA (which is not governed by ERISA).
He went on to say, "This new disability benefit plan will help solve that problem by paying $1,000,000 after an accident or sickness prevents them from practicing in their own specialty for a period of twelve months and they are not expected to be able to continue practicing in that specialty.
However, for purposes of the GSTT exemption, after 20 years the entire $1,000,000 exemption has been consumed.
Hannah Taxpayer has a $100,000 cost basis in a manufacturing business that is worth $1,000,000.
R)'s online $1,000,000 game show and sweepstakes gives consumers a chance to show they know better and win $1,000,000
Further, the value of B's partnership interest at the time of death is $1,000,000.
Example: Assume individual A has AGI for 1995 of $1,000,000 and no preference items; he has an NOL carryover to 1995 of $2,000,000 for regular tax and none for AMT.
First graph, third sentence of release should read: $1,000,000 of the debentures and the warrants were sold on January 5, 2007.