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the state of being heterozygous

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Furthermore, due to the overrepresentation of families with DZ twins, zygosity comparisons could not be completed.
Noninvasive twin zygosity assessment and aneuploidy detection by maternal plasma DNA sequencing.
In the present case, the fact that zygosity was not confirmed allowed the counsellors to adhere to both twins' rights to autonomy and individuality, as well as to the principle of non-maleficence, by causing the least harm to both.
Often the reads are aligned in the appropriate genomic location but may be shifted by a few bases owing to the indel, thus potentially causing the zygosity of the indel to be incorrectly called and introducing additional flanking false positive variant calls.
Both echocardiographic and ECG measurements were carried out blinded to physical activity status, zygosity and co-twin's data.
Zygosity was determined by genotyping all twins and their parents for 8 highly polymorphic DNA loci (on chromosomes 2, 7, 11, 17 and 20).
Abnormal APCR ratios in the second generation assay are almost diagnostic of Factor V Leiden and a genetic test for the demonstration of the mutation should be performed to check for zygosity (homozygous versus heterozygous carriers).
Complete descriptions of zygosity determination and characteristics of registry members have been published (Eisen, True, Goldberg, et al.
Of the nine projects (the two graduate Production majors collaborated on a single work), five (Eric Ruiz's Surfdom, Susan Vaill and Jennifer van Goethem's Zygosity, Monique Yamaguchi's Documenting Sovereignty, Nithila Peter's Search for Hermes and Lori Lovoy's New Moon) were documentaries.
In other words, we identify prisoners who have a male twin; we then search out the twin and establish zygosity and criminal status.
Forty-two cases of Parkinson's disease were found among 41 twin pairs -- which included 18 monozygotic pairs, 14 dizygotic pairs, and nine of undetermined zygosity -- meaning that in only one instance did the disease occur in each of two twins.
More than 20 searchable native fields include gene names and synonyms, HGVS nomenclature, exon localization, predicted protein impact, predicted pathogenicity, zygosity, relation to existing genetic tests, observed allelic frequencies, dbSNP identifier and content, quality control, and more.
This work compared the analytical accuracy of variant and zygosity detection of two techniques: next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology and Sanger sequencing.
Polymorphism zygosity was determined by comparing the sense and antisense sequencing results.