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the state of being heterozygous

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Panorama's unique technology enables it to determine zygosity and each twin's gender while also allowing it to identify risk for more genetic conditions in twin pregnancies than other NIPTs, including monosomy X, sex chromosome trisomies, and 22q11.
The sample included 41 pairs of twins (82 individuals) who were divided by their zygosity into 25 pairs of MZ twins (50 individuals: 28 females and 22 males) and 16 pairs of DZ twins (32 individuals: 18 females and 14 males), aged 8 to 26 yrs old; all of these twin pairs resided in the same households.
Patterns of epidermal ridges have a role in diagnosing and delineating certain syndromes of congenital malformation [2] as well as in establishing twin zygosity [3] in anthropologic surveys [4] and in population genetics.
A standard physical resemblance questionnaire diagnoses the zygosity of the twins (Nichols and Bilbro, 1966).
Amyloid-related imaging abnormalities with edema occurred in up to 27% of APOE-epsilon-4 carriers, depending on their zygosity It also appeared in up to 14% of noncarriers; the relationship was dose dependent.
Amyloid-related imaging abnormalities with edema (an adverse event associated with immune response directed toward plaques) occurred in up to 27% of APOE-ep-silon-4 carriers, depending on their zygosity.
Since Twin A refused zygosity testing, the counsellor could say that her HD result might not strictly apply to her sister, and that if her sister ever wanted to know her own status, she would have to go through the predictive testing process herself.
In general, chorionicity rather than zygosity determines the risk of mortality and morbidity [1].
grandparentage, siblingship, twin zygosity, and other family-related
The status of zygosity also plays a very important role in the expression and deletion of the disorder.
For most, this continues to be very painful for years to come, especially if they are of the same sex and zygosity, and to make various life situations very problematic (for example, a surviving twin begins preschool and there is a set of twins in the class, or a friend or relative becomes pregnant with twins).
Questionnaires provided additional information on multiple births including number of babies delivered from the index pregnancy, sex of multiple birth sibling(s), and zygosity based on the participant's perception and test results when available.
The weak association with congenital anomalies was possibly due to under-ascertainment of all multiple births, including stillbirths and distribution of outcomes by zygosity.
Therefore, by establishing the paternal zygosity, improved counseling of couples concerning risks and treatment options can be provided.