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Other species, such as Orthotrichia, Oecetis, Caenis and zygopteran odonates also colonized the pond at this time, but showed much lower rates of increase.
Currently, the order is composed about of 6,230 species (3140 zygopterans and 3086 anisopterans), 671 genera distributed into 40 families (Schorr & Paulson, 2017).
Fish were not collected at any of the sites and only zygopterans were present in some of the habitats.
The presence or absence of fish, and the replacement of fish by other predatory species, is correlated with profound shifts in the species composition of zooplankton (Brooks and Dodson 1965, Zaret 1980), and a variety of littoral and benthic invertebrates, including anisopterans (Morin 1984), zygopterans (McPeek 1990), and others (Hall et al.
The first group had the assemblages with the highest number of species and abundance, where the dominant species were the zygopterans Argia pulla, H.