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Regarding anatomical location of middle third fractures, 11 were Lefort I, 21 Lefort II, 19 Lefort III, 34 Zygomatic Bone Complex and 8 were Naso-ethmoid.
It is recommended to make vertical incisions along the infrazygomatic crest region and to continue the incisions in a downward direction, thereby facilitating the exposure of the maxilla and the zygomatic bone and protecting the parotid gland duct.
Fractures of the zygomatic bone and nose were mainly associated with accidents involving animals (PR = 1.
The distraction device was inserted by fixing the miniplate to the zygomatic bone (Figure 3A).
Axial and coronal computed tomography (CT) images of the maxillofacial bones (Figures 2 and 3) demonstrate extensive cortical destruction, osteosclerosis, cortical thickening, and fragmentation of the right maxilla, which extends into the frontal process of the zygomatic bone and pterygoid plates.
From this study, it was concluded that the best indicators of the morphological sexual dimorphism were the pyriform aperture, zygomatic process, zygomatic bone, and supraorbitary eminence.
12 By what name is the zygomatic bone better known?
3], and a zygomatic bone separated from the skull, all housed under the code CFM-1424 (Fig.
Because his symptoms seemed atypical with pain radiating to the lower jaw and zygomatic bone and he reported that a recent stress test was normal, the patient was discharged from the emergency room with the diagnosis of noncardiac chest pain.
The zygomatic bone, commonly known as the cheekbone, consists of much of the cheek along with the lower and the outer borders of the orbit (Table 4, Figure 3).
Lucky look: Nets guard Lucious Harris of Long Beach State, who has been wearing a mask because of a broken zygomatic bone on the right side of his face, no longer needs to don the headgear, but he has decided to keep wearing it since it hasn't hindered his performance.
Among isolated midfacial fractures, zygomatic bone fractures were most common (36%) followed by maxillary bone fracture (23%).
The superficial part of the masseter muscle originating from the facial tuber of the maxilla and the facial crest of the zygomatic bone was inserted into the angle of the mandible and the lateral surface of the ramus of the mandible.
5) Zygomatic bone Osteomyelitis also is an extremely rare occurrence.
Cavernous hemangioma--uncommon presentation in zygomatic bone.