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Examples of some well-known zoonotic diseases include measles, smallpox, influenza, HIV, brucellosis, West Nile virus, tuberculosis, salmonella and Lyme disease.
Infectious diseases resulting from importation of nonhuman primates need to be prevented to ensure that colonies of these animals are available for research and to protect persons working with them from exposure to established and emerging zoonotic diseases (2,3).
Such distrust can itself result from zoonotic disease events, as happened in the United Kingdom following the outbreak of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE).
Biosurveillance as initially described by Homeland Security Presidential Directive 21 and modernized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the Institute of Medicine (IOM), however, is dependent upon "local up" (meaning that local public health is the source of zoonotic disease intelligence, not the "top down" recipient) surveillance intelligence networks (Bush, 2007; DHS, 2012).
The combination of high prices for meat products and outbreaks of new and recurring zoonotic diseases resulted in curtailed global meat consumption.
The study examined the likely impacts of livestock intensification and climate change on the 13 zoonotic diseases currently causing the greatest harm to the world's poor.
Summary: DUBAI -- Dubai has formed a multi-departmental team to combat all types of zoonotic diseases, diseases that are transmitted between animals and human beings.
It should show us how vulnerable agribusinesses can be to a highly contagious zoonotic disease.
With increased trade and travel, zoonotic diseases (transmitted between animals and humans) and animal diseases can emerge anywhere and spread rapidly.
It provides background on threats posed by zoonotic disease, macro- and microeconomic issues, global trade, and sociocultural-political issues related to mitigation.
Dele Davies, chairperson of Michigan State University's Department of Pediatrics and Human Development, said that the new findings that Group B streptococcus could be a zoonotic disease - transmitted between different species - might have significant public health implications.
Participants recommended strengthening Zoonotic disease surveillance and response by expanding and creating programs, networks and surveillance systems that enable health authorities to identify and respond to emerging diseases.
The report suggests that conditions that can drive the emergence of zoonotic disease, including global travel, are intensifying.
In its annual report on animal-transmitted disease EFSA said: "In 2007, campylobacteriosis was again the most frequently reported zoonotic disease in humans in the European Union with 200,507 reported confirmed cases and most member states reporting an increased number of cases.
Step one is that we really need to start talking to each other to address unanswered questions about zoonotic disease detection and prevention,' she said.