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The transmitted zoonosis in this case was oestrosis, a benign condition that can sometimes progress to blindness if untreated.
Although the risk of zoonosis is believed to be very low it has not been ruled out and a sensible precautionary approach should be taken by those handling infected animals and specimens.
Prof Malcolm Bennett, co-director of the UK National Centre for Zoonosis Research, Liverpool.
Las heces de 46 caninos albergados en el Centro Municipal de Zoonosis de la ciudad de Mar del Plata, fueron analizadas para determinar la presencia de formas parasitarias intestinales.
Leptospirosis, is a worldwide zoonosis with protean clinical manifestations caused by the spirochete Leptospira interrogans.
6 per cent indicating that a zoonosis may be a mode of transmission for HEV also in India.
If you have intimate contact with a wild animal--and eating is pretty intimate contact--then you could be exposed to all kinds of diseases," says Malcolm Bennett, of Britain's National Centre for Zoonosis Research at the University of Liverpool, who was not linked to the study.
Q (query) fever is a zoonosis (a disease that infects animals and man) caused by the bacterium coxiella burnetii.
A zoonosis is any infectious disease that can be transmitted from animals,
Many of these can be life-threatening to your dog, and most people do not realize that some of them can be transferred from pets to humans through a process known as zoonosis.
But then Brian sportingly turned up with a zoonosis from the other end of the alphabet, so we are going to do it backwards.
Under its umbrella, the UK National Centre for Zoonosis was set up in December 2007 and for the first time anywhere, brings together medical and veterinary sciences dedicated to the study of animal-borne human diseases.
Rabies is a zoonosis that inflicts nearly all mammalian species worldwide, including humans, skunks, raccoons, dogs, cats, foxes, and bats (1).
Salmonella is only one type of zoonosis, or disease that animals can transmit to people.
Developed by Peter Daszak of the Consortium for Conservation Medicine in New York City, the map draws on growing knowledge of how pathogens hop from animals to people, a process called zoonosis.