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a camera lens that magnifies the image

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7B 4K UHD Portable Zoom Lens is scheduled to be available in April 2018, while the CJ45ex13.
5 is a 27x zoom lens that covers the focal lengths of 6.
0-megapixel image sensor and an 8x optical zoom lens.
The new HDTV portable zoom lens is ideal for a wide range of shooting situations, including sports telecasts and news coverage, as well as indoor and outdoor location shooting for program production.
With a zoom lens you can crop the image before you open the camera shutter.
5:1 zoom lens with manual or motorized operation, high-resolution color CCD camera, manually operated x-y-z stages, and 1-micron linear scales.
There are some impressive exceptions coming from outside the photo industry, such as the compact 5-megapixel Gateway DC-T50 digital camera with a 3x optical zoom lens that sells online for less than $300 (after $50 mail-in rebate with free shipping).
2-megapixel model that employs a 3x optical zoom lens, 1.
5-million pixel CCD with RGB color filters along with a newly crafted all-glass, miniature aspherical zoom lens.
a leader in digital imaging solutions, today announced the RS-IL04UL Ultra Long Focus Zoom Lens which can be used with the Company's REALiS Professional A/V Series projectors to bring high-image quality to a wide variety of locations.
Equipped with a PL mount, the most common format for cinema cameras, the XK6x20 is a standard zoom lens that delivers T3.
The highly adaptable Z10-HDCF compact high definition zoom lens from Resolve Optics provides users with HD resolution throughout its range of operation.
To miniaturize the camera without reducing optical performance, Sanyo developed a zoom lens with high refraction glass and utilized high packaging density technology along with a high precision design.
An optical zoom lens increases the image magnification through the lens itself.
3B portable HD zoom lens combines an extended 14 times zoom range with a minimum focal length of 4.