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ZOOM Server is licensed software that allows Internet users on any platform to zoom in and view high-resolution images in fine detail.
It is perfect for any site where images play a critical role in influencing purchasing decisions, because it enables buyers to zoom in and closely examine items in fine detail.
Features of Opus Studio: - Opus Composer: web-based rich media creation kit - Opus Painter: web-based image-editing tool - Opus Publisher: web-based HTML editor and publisher Opus Player media display features: Motion: rotate 3-D images, zoom in and out for more detail, images are synchronized with synchronized scrolling text and background audio Vista: panoramic images with full zoom capability, hotlinks, and synchronized text and background audio Slide: dynamic slide presentations, synchronized with text and audio Video: streaming video directly through the web browser, with high image quality and minimal wait time Audio: live and file-based streaming audio Banner: dynamic ad banners with mouse-activated audio and multiple banners on one page Opus 2.
The System is exciting to us since it allows us to create `living' presentations of our swimwear models on-line, allowing shoppers to rotate the models to `see' the suit in action and to zoom in on specific details.
A roll-over feature allows viewers to zoom in on details including fabric patterns and accessories to fully examine how the clothing looks on "real" models.