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Synonyms for zoom

Synonyms for zoom

a rapid rise

the act of rising upward into the air

move along very quickly

move with a low humming noise

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To enable the zoom feature on the Apple Watch users must:
The camera features include a 3x equivalent 38-114mm optical zoom lens, and simplified operation using eight different programmed picture modes, such as landscape or portrait modes.
The high performance of the Conexant products and team make Conexant a great choice for Zoom," said Frank Manning, president of Zoom Technologies.
As the media landscape continues to evolve, I'm excited to join Zoom and this opportunity to leverage my television and digital background in the digital placed based arena," said Shah.
The Galaxy K Zoom is powered by a superior hexa-core (Exynos 5) processor, clocked at a combination of (quad-core 1.
If compared with Galaxy S4 Zoom, S5 Zoom features several improvements from almost every hardware components.
Zoom Media & Marketing operates a network of over 5,000 venues targeting active consumers in a variety of highly targeted indoor locations, including health clubs, restaurants and nightclubs, with over 40,000 billboard locations throughout North America.
Utilizing a precision zoom lens, which offers continuously changing focal lengths to adjust magnification while maintaining focus, is typically preferred over using a fixed telecentric lens which may offer only one magnification.
Unilite Zoom has a life 100 times greater than conventional xenon flashlights and is brighter than a cluster of seven LEDs.
Zoom Information is privately held and based in Waltham, Massachusetts.
Canon's eDrive provides: nine user-definable function profiles; a choice of manual, digitally assisted, or fully programmed control; and instant "Shuttle Shot" to zoom to the longest focal length for quick check of focus and back focus.
5mm) and highest zoom ratio (20x) of any lens in its class, in addition to the fastest servo zoom speed (1.
NEW YORK -- Magnet Media's Second Annual Zoom In Awards, honoring excellence from below the line talent will be held on February 20, 2006 at the Puck Building in New York City.
In addition to their widescreen capabilities, the new ZR camcorders feature Genuine Canon 25x Optical Zooms, Canon's longest optical zoom ever in a camcorder (800x Digital Zoom featured in the ZR500 and ZR600 models, and 1000x Optical Zoom featured in the ZR700).
Zoom Systems' automated retail stores feature iPods, headphones, computer supplies, chocolate, skincare products and DVDs from upscale manufacturers such as Sony, Godiva Chocolatier, Apple, Bose, Nintendo, Terra Nova and others.