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the facility where wild animals are housed for exhibition

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I will offer my canaries and my cockatoo to this vast Metropolis--my agent shall present them in my name to the Zoological Gardens of London.
But Cassandra rejected Hampton Court, Greenwich, Richmond, and Kew in favor of the Zoological Gardens.
Tenders are invited for maintenance work at aquarium of the zoological garden, alipore
Tenders are invited for Refreshment pavilion in the Zoological Garden, Alipore (Air-conditioned Restaurant)
The interaction of man and animal dates back to the dawn of civilisation, when people from the Neolithic period kept hoofed beasts for hunting and food; but the zoological garden as we know it harks back to the 15th century when the West was waging war on the worst nuisance animals -wolves and bears.
The animals kept in cages in the zoological garden located in the vicinity of Saddar are in a miserable condition.
Art-Zoo Inflatable Park is a culmination of an experiential inflatable playground and art installation in the setting of a zoological garden.
KARACHI -- One of the main attraction points of the city was shut for general public when Aseefa Bhutto Zardari visited Karachi Zoo also known as Karachi Zoological Garden to personally observe the conditions of animals following adverse reports in media about the health of the certain caged species.
The Takasakiyama Natural Zoological Garden said it was considering renaming the macaque.
Takasakiyama Natural Zoological Garden was flooded with calls and emails hours after it announced the name for its first-born monkey of the year, a tradition at the city-run zoo in southern Japan.
He was able to successfully trap the viper, and brought it to the zoological garden where it was set free.
Washington, Mar 24 (ANI): Knut, the polar bear who was born and bred in captivity at the Berlin Zoological Garden, may soon become world's most famous stuffed animal.
Their topics include a theory of social life with animals, the zoological garden as a medium of evolutionary theory, the cultural life of a wild animal in America, the treatment and training of horses in early modern England, Warren G.
John Ball Zoological Garden (Grand Rapids, Michigan) http://www.
Civic pride and a willingness to work to make a city accessible to all its citizens prompted a number of advocates and activists for persons with disabilities to contact the New Orleans Audubon Institute, an organization which operates the New Orleans Zoological Garden, following the announcement of a pending aquarium in the Riverfront area of the city.