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one of the distinct individuals forming a colonial animal such as a bryozoan or hydrozoan

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Using surgical excision and transplantation of early stage, secondary buds into recipient colonies, they observed that the establishment of bud polarity was dependent on visualization conferred by the recipient colony: the site in which a test vessel flowed into the transplanted bud always became the future posterior end of the new zooid (Sabbadin et al, 1975).
Analysis of telomerase activity using the TRAP assay showed slightly but significantly higher labeling intensity in bands from tissue extracts of buds compared to the corresponding adult zooid tissue extracts from the same colonial preparation (P--0.
After the integration of two compatible colonies, one is often eliminated in a process called resorption, during which all zooid and bud tissues of one of the partners are phagocytosed, leaving behind the tunic, blood, and vasculature (Rinkevich and Weissman, 1987, 1992; Weissman et al.
Growth is by the budding of new zooids at the colony margin (Jackson and Coates, 1986; Lidgard and Jackson, 1989; McKinney and Jackson, 1989), and zooid arrangement is staggered so that each is connected to six others, with connections along one lateral wall serving to receive and transmit resources from adjacent zooids (Fig.
For many species of bryozoans, sperm enter the maternal zooid via an opening at the base of the lophophore--a supraneural pore or the intertentacular organ (ITO) depending on the species (Temkin, 1994).
As noted above, zooid placement or colony density might also explain prolonged larval release in field populations, as shaded zooids or colonies may not be stimulated by light of sufficient intensity until later in the day.
For example, old zooids in the bryozoan Steginoporella exhibit decreased feeding and regenerative abilities relative to young zooids (Palumbi and Jackson, 1983), and in scleractinian corals, age has significant effects on reproduction (Kojis and Quinn, 1985) and the regeneration of tissue after lesion (Meesters and Bak, 1995).
At each site, flow speeds were calculated for each zooid along the canopy edge, and the median of the flow speeds for all the zooids along the canopy edge at each site was calculated (von Dassow, 2005b).
I injured patches of zooids that were located midway between three to four chimneys by breaking the zooid walls and frontal membrane with a needle.
While each zooid has an independent heart and an open hemocoelic circulatory system, the entire colony shares a common vascular system that is embedded in the tunic and closed at its periphery by terminal ampullae, the contractile blind ends of marginal vessels (Fig.
When jazz experimenter Henry Threadgill won a Pulitzer this year for "In for a Penny, In for a Pound," the double CD recorded with his band Zooid, the triumph represented just the most recent development in a campaign that had begun in earnest in the early 1990s.
Astogenetic and Environmental Variation of Zooid size within colonies of Jurassic Stomatopora (Bryozoa, Cyclostomata).
Oliver Lake Big Band and Henry Threadgill's ZOOID played at the Jazz Gallery, which Roy Hargrove "secretly" owns and which on occasion has really great music.
4 Henry Threadgill Zooid This Brings Us To Volume II (Pi Recordings): The iconoclast saxophonist still sounds like no one else, and does things with his music that no one else can do.
1 (Pi) Armed with his searing saxophone, haunting low flutes, and riveting compositions built from autonomous musical languages, the legendary Henry Threadgill is back, with the angular, carnivalesque groove of his band of several years, Zooid (rhymes with fluid)--a low-end-heavy ensemble boasting bass, tuba, cello, drums, and a prodigious melodic foil: the vibrant guitarist Liberty Ellman.