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Synonyms for zooflagellate

flagellate protozoan lacking photosynthesis and other plant-like characteristics

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Of these higher phyla, only two consist almost exclusively of flagellates: Dinozoa, which has a mix of zooflagellates and phytoflagellates; and the purely heterotrophic and largely zooflagellate Neomonada (3).
The kingdom Protozoa is currently divided into 13 phyla, of which eight contain zooflagellates (Table I; fuller details of this revised classification are in refs.
The first eukaryotes were probably zooflagellates similar to the enteromonad or the retortamonad metamonads.
The parasitic or predatory zooflagellates Perkinsus and Colpodella are now placed in the subphylum Protalveolata of the Dinozoa, and not with the Sporozoa.