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the facility where wild animals are housed for exhibition

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Zoo critics have blamed Gita's foot problems on the size of her enclosure and the hard surface on which she walked.
Tiergarten Schoenbrunn - Zoo Vienna, Vienna, Austria
Zoo officials are weighing whether to send Ruby to the PAWS refuge or to another zoo.
Since 1991, Lincoln Park Zoo has been hatching trumpeter swan chicks and sending them to Iowa, where the Iowa Department of Natural Resources has released more than 700 cygnets into the wild since 1995.
On the grounds that the birds are an endangered species, the zoo flew in four female penguins from Sweden in an attempt to coax the gays into mating.
An audit released in March 2003 by the American Zoo and Aquarium Association found that the zoo suffered from crumbling buildings, a stagnant animal collection, morale problems, and insufficient funding.
The report raises the hackles of some zoo professionals.
While we continue destroying habitat at an ungodly rate, some form of more compassionate zoo may be one way of awakening others to the animals' plight and our own.
that have been shown at the Minnesota Zoo in suburban Minneapolis.
Zoo curators need a degree in the biological sciences and zoo experience.
Caging elephants in urban zoo displays is not humane and it is not conservation.
Despite popular support and an endorsement from the Board of Zoo Commissioners to move Ruby to a spacious sanctuary in Northern California, the L.
In 2002, NPP projects included a cooperative ISLT / Peace Corps Mongolia education and research mission (funded by Blank Park Zoo, Mill Mountain Zoo, Great Plains Zoo, San Antonio Zoo, Tautphaus Park Zoo, Colchester Zoo, and Marwell Zoo); the expansion of Snow Leopard Enterprises to Pakistan (funded by Milwaukee County Zoo, Oregon Zoo, Oklahoma City Zoo, San Francisco Zoo, Tulsa Zoo, Lee Richardson Zoo, and Societe Zoologique de Granby); and the implementation of a multi-pronged conservation program in India (supported by Binder Park Zoo and Sacramento Zoo).
While The Wilds is not a zoo, it was tied into the same breeding rules as zoos," says Evan Blumer, The Wilds' senior vice president of conservation and science.