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I'd like to take a sleeping pill but am worried if I zonk out I'll get a DVT in my leg.
visit Earth from the planet Zonk and take a look at the faces of the stable staff when attending the races, he will
The most interesting fact I discovered from reading this lamentable cobbling together of old interviews was when was Marilyn Monroe was travelling incognito - as if that were possible - she used the pseudonym Zelda Zonk as a means of not drawing attention to herself.
That's why we have a dance floor at the Hanover: so people can get the Zonk experience - a good strong dance floor, actually, because I suspect our gross audience weight has increased by a pound a year per person.
SUNDAY is a day of rest for most clubbers - which means a medicinal fry-up, lie-in and zonk out.
Servis has 25 horses in his barn and, although Jostle is the star, the trainer believes he has a two-year-old filly, Zonk, who could become a Breeders' Cup contender.
For the rest of us who are simply worn out from our lifestyles, it's more likely we'll zonk out while driving in remote areas where there's little stimulation beyond the long road ahead.
I've tried going to bed early and reading but after five minutes I zonk out.
November BRITISH SPELLECOM: Magicians Eddie Harris, Phil Banks and Mel Harvey - alias Zonk, Wizzy and Wizz-about, have cashed in on the Harry Potter phenomenon by joining a national rent-a-wizard scheme.
The spacecraft from Planet Zonk finally landed with a bump on Planet Earth.
When I've finished working I just fall onto the bed and zonk out.