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dividing an area into zones or sections reserved for different purposes such as residence and business and manufacturing etc

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Commissioner Burden said, "Zoning is the language of the physical city, and the Department of City Planning is committed to making zoning and other important land use information readily accessible to the public.
With 112 rezonings adopted to date during the Bloomberg Administration, and more in the pipeline, ZoLa provides ay way to see the zoning changes that have been adopted or proposals under consideration in a neighborhood or citywide.
The map can zoom into a neighborhood of interest and the user can click on properties to find their zoning.
In addition to presenting the current zoning on a property, ZoLa also provides links to descriptive overviews of each zoning district on City Planning's website.
Even where zoning upholds an efficient pattern of land use, large social costs can be imposed in implementation.
Zoning in the community merely limits development to some fraction of the total land supply.
In one sense the analysis concedes too much virtue to current zoning practice.
City Planning is grateful for Tom Wargo's invaluable assistance in creating the Zoning Handbook, managing citywide zoning studies like the parking lot standards study, spearheading Lower Density Growth Management controls, and turning urban design master plans and area-wide proposals into zoning text.
DCP and CB8 have agreed to proceed immediately with eight rezoning areas in the community where there is a mismatch between what existing zoning allows and the predominant scale of buildings.
DCP's zoning changes for these areas will lower allowable density or provide contextual controls at existing densities to guide new development so that it is appropriate to the character of each neighborhood.
DCP is also engaged in field studies of several communities in the Throgs Neck area to assess the effects of increased construction there, and will present preliminary zoning proposals in November to address over development and protect neighborhood character.