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a board of officials who divide an area into zones that are subject to different restrictions

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Monday night, Patton's resignation from the Zoning Board was accepted in a 4-0 council vote by Rinella and commissioners Angelo Hightower, Jim Webb and John Goss.
send questions, clarifications and rfi to the planning and zoning board secretary via email: pcarcone@hobokennj.
During a zoning board meeting last week, DeNiro's representatives presented plans for a 2,554 s/f, two-story home.
based Casper Stolle, which is asking for permission to be able to expand its mining pit by approximately 65 acres, brought its expansion request to the county zoning board last month.
Ronald Charette, of Brookfield Road, petitioned the Zoning Board of Appeals to overturn a ruling by Zoning Enforcement Officer Curtis J.
The Zoning Board will memorialize its decision at its meeting on 3/18, after which there will be a 45-day period for members of the public to contest the project moving forward," noted the Cinnaminson Patch.
Due to the lack of any off-street parking on the Noor-va-Danesh property, the organization needed to ask the zoning board for a variance from local ordinances requiring a building of its size to provide off-street parking.
Little did Grapin know that a second set of bureaucrats, the Fairfax County zoning board, should have been consulted before construction began.
Citing time constraints, Zoning Board of Adjustment chairman Robert Christiansen said officials would not get to the 115 River Road application until 7 p.
Anderson Township's zoning board, which approved the mine June 2 by a 3-2 vote, issued a 16-page packet filled with requirements, variances and 25 conditions that Martin Marietta would have to follow.
The developer of an age-restricted community has applied to the Loudon Zoning Board for a variance to allow younger residents.
In South Dakota, a petition is circulating to refer all zoning issues back to the voters even if the zoning board decides to approve an operation that meets all state and county regulations.
The Township Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) granted the use variance petition after the applicants reduced the number of residential units from 400 to 250 and withdrew 15 acres from the proposal.
In 1997, the local zoning board approved the temple's plan to erect the steeple.