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dividing an area into zones or sections reserved for different purposes such as residence and business and manufacturing etc

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Their position is that impact zoning makes sense where-in land use is re[UNREADABLE TEXT IN ORIGINAL SOURCE.
Their position is countered by today's modern planners with their argument that zoning has curbed land speculation, encouraged affordable housing, and has protected environmental resources.
In addition to heterogeneous configurations and departmental segmentation, Zoning is a useful technique for amortizing the cost of a switch between several workgroups.
As the first vendor to offer zoning as a standard feature in a switch product, Vixel has attempted to simplify zone creation and administration.
The recently defeated legislation was largely the work of City Councilman Jim Greenwood, a longtime zoning advocate.
ALTHOUGH ZONING ADVOCATES WERE surprised by the committee's conclusions, they persisted.
The Zoning Handbook is an indispensable tool to explain the basic concepts of zoning and how to apply them and it will be of use to novices and professionals alike," said Burden.
The handbook will also help New Yorkers put in perspective the many land use changes they see around them and understand how zoning is used to guide those changes.
Pursuant to procedures established after a 1977 amendment to the Zoning Resolution, the zoning lots are merged by having the owners of the two (or more) lots execute a "declaration of zoning lot restrictions" declaring them to be one lot.
Although not required by law, virtually all development rights transfers are also accompanied by a zoning lot development agreement, which is strongly recommended for all parties to the zoning lot merger.
Giving the Board of Zoning Appeals the deference to which it is entitled under such circumstances, we conclude that it acted rationally and with the support of substantial evidence in denying petitioner's application.
The city's 1961 zoning resolution created the tower-in-the-park concept as a way of preserving open space.
As a consequence, the CMBS marketplace his seen an emergence of groups such as National Zoning Group, LLC, which specialize in quickly procuring satisfactory zoning letters from the appropriate municipalities on an expedited basis.
The main consideration of a zoning board in deciding on a bulk variance should be the impact of such a variance on the character of the community and the future use and development of adjacent properties.
Treated inadequately by the Rules for Plans is the situation where a developer's proposed zoning map change is inconsistent with a previously approved Plan.