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relating to or of the nature of a zone


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In zonary placentas (Figure 15-17), a band of microvilli encompasses the equatorial region of the allantochorion.
5-26 TABLE 15-2 Classification of placentae of several types of mammals based on two criteria Species Gross Morphology Maternal-Fetal Barrier Cattle Cotyledonary Epitheliochorial Sheep Cotyledonary Epitheliochorial Horses Diffuse Epitheliochorial Swine Diffuse Epitheliochorial Dogs Zonary Endotheliochorial Cats Zonary Endotheliochorial Rodents Discoidal Hemochorial Humans Discoidal Hemochorial
We found such a zonary appearance in hepatocytic accumulation in the polar bears in the present study.
The signs and type of chronic inflammation, and the zonary lipid accumulation in hepatocytes, may indicate chronic exposure to environmental levels of OHCs.