zonal pelargonium

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an upright geranium having scalloped leaves with a broad color zone inside the margin and white or pink or red flowers

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It has a chocolate-purple zone on every leaf, rather like the zonal pelargonium 'peppermint chocolate'.
Wombourne Horticultural Society, talk, The Development of the Modern Geranium, by Mr David Bond; competition, scented or species pelargonium, zonal pelargonium flower stem, display of petunias, Community Centre, 8pm.
I have a lovely collection of zonal pelargoniums, which were flowering really well until the leaves started to go yellow and brown dusty stuff appeared beneath them.
Keeping with the theme of foliage effects, zonal pelargoniums are bedding plants of exceptional use.
It works wonders with coral diascias, and salmon zonal pelargoniums.