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a luminous tract in the sky

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Caption: 1,000 times: Zodiacal light, the visible glow created when sunlight hits dust in the solar system, is 1,000 times as bright as the extragalactic background light.
WASHINGTON (CyHAN)- View the red star Antares near the red planet Mars, plus the Zodiacal Light that points towards Jupiter in the morning sky.
The three features of the nightly sky which I think strike the visitor to southern climes most are the Milky Way, Zodiacal Light, and Clouds of Magellan.
Washington, Sep 10 (ANI): Over the next week, sky-watchers in the Northern Hemisphere will get a rare chance to see an elusive celestial pyramid known as the zodiacal light.
One of the things people attempt to see when visiting an ultra-dark site is to look for the eerie and elusive zodiacal light, a feeble nebulous cone based on the horizon and extending upwards along the ecliptic.
Each time the solar disk rose from behind the moon, the crew witnessed the faint illumination from the sun's outer atmosphere, or corona, as well as the dim glow of zodiacal light - sunlight scattered by interplanetary dust.
James Bennett McInnes, Director, Aurora Section Donald Alistair Maclean, Director, Aurora & Zodiacal Light Section, 1951-'52
It would observe far beyond the sources of the zodiacal light, which interfers with earth- and near-earth-based observations of faint objects, particularly in the infrared.
These included Jupiter's satellites, (76,96) eclipses, meteors and the zodiacal light.
Masaaki Huruhata born; a Japanese astronomer; Director of the Tokyo Astronomical Observatory; did work on meteors, variable stars, photoelectric photometry of the zodiacal light and airglow.
where they can go of an evening to study the planets in season, the moon, a comet visible, meteors, the Zodiacal Light, and, grandest of all, the universe of stars, with the Milky Way, forming the grandest canopy above us that can be conceived.
We awoke early on eclipse morning, with the Magellanic Clouds still visible and the Zodiacal Light indicating the imminent sunrise.