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a musical stringed instrument with strings stretched over a flat sounding board

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Pride of place goes to the zither Anton Karas played and personal photographs from his home.
of Music, Harvard University, 1994], 45-56); and John Thompson, Music Beyond Sound: The Silk String Zither (Hong Kong: Toadal Sound, 1998, with accompanying compact disc TDS 10001, 1998).
Richard Hannon jr, assistant to Richard Hannon snr, trainer of Presto Vento and Zither
Cecil had to settle for runner-up spot in the next when 5-6 favourite Play That Tune was surprisingly outgunned by 16-1 outsider Zither under a strong ride from champion jockey Kieren Fallon.
Instruments played include the medieval crumhorn and zither, bagpipes and pibgorn (pipe horn).
One name, Barbara Zither Alicia, came up three times.
A cracking yarn is matched by majestic acting, pacy direction, startling photography and incredibly catchy zither music by Anton Karas.
The third section is the most energetic among the five, recapturing the joyous mood that is associated with siduanjin ("Four-section Brocades"), a traditional melody for the zheng (a multiple-stringed zither with movable bridges), here played by the electric guitar.
It's the culmination of years of dedication and obsession with the film that includes exhibits ranging from cinema posters, the original zither used to play Anton Karas's famous theme tune to the film, to hundreds of VHS and DVD versions of the film from across the globe and artefacts from post-war life in Vienna.
Melody Young demonstrated a guzheng, a traditional string instrument belonging to the zither family.
Latin America, China, South-East Asia and Africa were depicted in all their various moods with percussion, zither, mandolin and a half-dozen wind instruments, the guitar magically transforming its voice from broad and vibrant to delicate pizzicato in ingenious arrangements -we couldn't have had a more relaxing trip around the world.
Zither may have disappointed here last time, but it was still surprising to see the Richard Hannon-trained filly go off the 16-1 outsider of five for the seven-furlong conditions event.
Other musical boxes made nowhere near this huge price but there was a very nice piccolo zither eight-air musical box by P.
The background theme of zither music is so powerfully connected to the story that it is instantly recognized by anyone who has seen the film.