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Synonyms for zit

a small inflamed elevation of the skin


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Fitted clothes and excess sweat lead to zits, well, everywhere--especially on your back.
Parents and collections catering to them will find Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman's Zits character appealing--and the latest collection, DRIVE
99) offers a fine collection of comic strips from the Zits library, pairing black and white with color surveys of a teen's evolving relationships with parents and peers alike.
A fab find and a great investment if your skin is prone to zits.
Then three years ago I started getting zits again, only this time on my back.
CLEARASIL, the brand best known for zapping teenage zits, has undergone a facelift.
95), returning the characters of Rat, Pig, Goat and more to the realm of fantasy and talking strange animal encounters; and the new Zits collection by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman, THRASHED (0740751174, $10.
This is the sort of gear mere mortals wear when they've a face full of zits or PMT bloating.
It's not all burping or having zits or committing adultery.
The current issue of Heat magazine includes three giant pictures of Cameron's zits which it blows up to make us mortals feel better about ourselves.
Glittery but skimpy costumes, fog, animated laser light, and those minimicrophones that look like zits on your cheek are de rigueur in virtually all productions.
Some astronomers discussing blemishes in the smoothness of the universal background radiation called them zits, and then had the gall to talk about squeezing the data a little harder.
Washington, April 30 ( ANI ): A death-note discovered in the wallet of rock legend Kurt Cobain, which wasn't made public before, has referred to Courtney Love as a "b**ch with zits and siphoning all his money for doping and whoring.
99) provides #13 in a Zits comic strip series of collections; this one continuing the story of how teen Jeremy tries to be cool in spite of his too-square, long-suffering parents.