zirconium silicate

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a common mineral occurring in small crystals

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Zirconium silicate is added according to the percentage of Zirconium oxide (ZrO2).
3-billion-year-old crystal sliver made of the mineral zirconium silicate, or zircon.
Hiortdahlite, called guarinite in Carati's book, is another zirconium silicate.
Zirconium products are chiefly divided into two categories, first, zirconium chemicals predominated by zirconium silicate, zirconia, etc.
Zircosil--the one-up zirconium silicate micro milling bead with upper medium density > 4.
The ZS-9 insoluble, non-absorbed zirconium silicate traps potassium ions with its three-dimensional crystalline lattice structure.
Barnim Leadless Glaze Frit 3195 17 Frit 3124 40 Frit 3134 20 China Clay 7 Silica 12 Zinc 4 Zirconium silicate 5 Tin Oxide 8 A Caiger-Smith W/A Glaze (1060[degrees]C) Lead bisilicate 35 Calcium borate frit 38 Zinc 5 China clay 2 Flint 7 Zirconium silicate 3 Tin oxide 10 Derek Emms' Glaze (fires 1060-1080[degrees]C lustre reduction 680[degrees]C) Lead bisilicate frit 30 Soft borax frit 60 China clay 10 Tin oxide 10 Barnim suggests that with the shift to leadless glazes to conform with new North American standards, aspects of traditional lustre are lost.
has introduced QBZ-58A, a longer lasting and cost effective zirconium silicate grinding bead.
According to the company, ZS-9 is an insoluble, non-absorbed zirconium silicate with a clearly defined three-dimensional crystalline lattice structure that was designed and engineered to preferentially trap potassium ions.
Zirconox beads last 40 times longer than glass beads, 6 to 8 times longer than Zirconium Silicate, and 15 times more than MgO stabilized Zirconia beads.
FSI's process chemistry has been demonstrated with good results on several silicates, including hafnium silicate and zirconium silicate.
Zircosil beads are cost economical, far superior in milling performance, density, hardness and in wear resistance as compared to other zirconium silicate beads available worldwide.
Product roster: Stocking distributor of zirconium silica, zirconium silicate, yttria stabilized zirconia, glass, steel shot.
Jyoti offers Tirconox rare earth partically stabilized zirconium oxide micro-macro grinding media, Zircosil medium density zirconium silicate micro beads, Duralox high alumina ceramic and steatite ceramic grinding media, attritor and ball mill linings.
Zirconium silicates such as Zircopax Plus, Superpax, Opax, or Ultrox are frequently used in producing opacity in the glazes.