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a lustrous grey strong metallic element resembling titanium

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Company's business and sales activities will be boosted by gaining an insight into the zirconium and hafnium market.
4] or zirconium reacts with the organic droplets to form ZrC.
This was reflected in the increased percentage of turnover of zirconium oxides from 31% to 32% of total sales.
Despite being based in titanium, these alloys exhibit the same impressive properties as the zirconium alloys," Hofmann said.
In world practice for production of zirconium most widely method of magnesium-thermal reduction from zirconium tetrachloride (Kroll method) is used [3, 4].
What Eka refers to as their Multi-Print[TM] system includes the use of starch, zirconium crosslinkers and surface size polymers in a size press solution, where the system works by immobilizing the starch and surface size at the surface of the sheet.
Currently, aluminum zirconium complexes are more commonly used in antiperspirants because they are more effective in reducing perspiration.
According to a Cypriot official, the government placed the components and the zirconium up for auction.
The new zirconium joints can last at least a decade longer.
His penchant came out yesterday when he got all excited about oxidised zirconium false knee joints.
has introduced QBZ-58A, a longer lasting and cost effective zirconium silicate grinding bead.
Ionomers based on zirconium were investigated in this work because as well as having the necessary physicochemical properties for durable binding to carboxylates and other oxygen donor sites, zirconium metal is generally favored on environmental grounds and also has the advantage that it generally forms colorless compounds.
This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Zirconium in Thousand Tons by the following End-Use Segments: Ceramics, Refractories, Foundry, TV Glass, and Others.
Tenders are invited for Maintenance of lawns, flower beds hedges and Trees in & around the area of MTL, CCR, Pump house, OPF, SPF, Work shop, Utility, STP, HRD and Technical buildings at Zirconium Complex, Pazhayakayal, Tuticorin
Therefore, the researchers tried to synthesize zirconium diboride as a high temperature ceramic with nanofibrous structure.