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a white crystalline oxide

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With the CEREC Zirconia meso Block, Dentsply Sirona welcomes a product to the market that combines the outstanding properties of zirconia with an efficient clinical protocol.
Up to this point zirconia was only used as a coating material for metal dental implants.
As opposed to metal-ceramics, ceramics containing Zirconia contain a significantly greater amount of crystalline phase, from about 35 to about 99 vol %.
Zirconia is a polymorphic material existing in three different crystalline forms, stabilized in tetragonal phase at room temperature.
When a fault takes place; at the beginning of a crack, zirconia grains are transformed locally from tetragonal to monoclinic form, and accompanied by an increase in volume.
Due to the relatively high prevalence of porcelain chipping and high thermal cycles created during porcelain firing that having the potential to weaken the zirconia structure, in this study, indirect laboratory composite was used for veneering the surface of zirconia.
The main advantage of this research is the creation of zirconia structures that are stable only at temperatures higher than 1200C at normal conditions.
Iranian researchers say that purpose of this research is to produce ceramic zirconia nanopowder to be used in thermal block coatings.
Z-Tech produces zirconia powders for industrial applications including ceramic pigments, electronic components, thermal spray coatings, sensors, refractory, and ceramics sectors.
has developed a highly durable zirconia that possesses both high strength and superior toughness.
Over the last decade zirconia has propelled a rapid development of metal-free dentistry with improved material strength enhanced esthethic and high biocompatibility for a wide range of prom- ising clinical applications.
Estos sistemas tienen diferentes aplicaciones en el campo de la prostodoncia y se pueden utilizar con diversos materiales, uno de ellos es la zirconia parcialmente estabilizada con ytria, material altamente resistente, utilizado para la elaboracion de protesis parciales fijas (PPF).
M2 PHARMA-October 31, 2012-3M signs licensing agreement for Zirconia technology with WIELAND(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
Executives say the initial products in the new line are cubic zirconia stud earrings and pendants.
Zirconia metal-free crowns would be my recommendation.