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a common mineral occurring in small crystals

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The minerals include K-feldspar (microcline), quartz, plagioclase, biotite, aegirine-augite, hornblende, riebeckite, titanite, epidote, apatite, zircon and magnetite.
Iluka produced 388,600 mt of zircon, 136,500 mt of rutile, and 164,900 mt of synthetic rutile in 2015.
State tests of Zircon are scheduled for completion in 2017 in accordance with the contract, and the missile's serial production is planned to be launched next year," the source told (http://tass.
The 9 centimeter crucible was used to preheat the reinforcement material such as aluminium oxide and zircon and the 18 centimeter crucible used to melt aluminium 7075.
During the early 2000s, one of the authors (MPS) obtained an attractive asteriated zircon in Ratnapura, Sri Lanka.
This ancient zircon crystal contains a small carbon impurity (indicated by arrow) associated with organisms.
Its complete encasement in crack-free, undisturbed zircon demonstrates that it is not contamination from more recent geologic processes.
Scientists from Stanford University and the University of California, Los Angeles said they recently collected some 10,000 multibillion year-old zircons in Jack Hills, Australia, including one believed to contain a carbon deposit that is 4.
The combination of 96% fused silica, 2% zircon, 2% alumina is available in numerous forms, but generally has a fine particle size for use in casting small, complex parts.
During the last two decades, U-Pb zircon geochronology has been applied to different granite plutons of these batholiths (e.
In this context, detrital zircon chronology appears to be a promising tool for provenance analysis of Baltic sedimentary basins.
The oldest confirmed piece of our planet turns out to be a chunk of lovely pink crystal of the mineral zircon, which was found at a sheep station in Western Australia more than a decade ago.
In this paper, accessory minerals such as zircon, sphene and apatite are studied in Ghareh Gheshlagh area.
The industry primarily involves mining and processing of zircon and titanium dioxide products (ilmenite, rutile and upgraded titanium dioxide products of synthetic rutile, slag and upgraded slag).