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Synonyms for zippy

Synonyms for zippy

quick and energetic

marked by lively action

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I'm enthusiastic about joining Zippy Shell during this phase of expansion and growth," says James, "And look forward to having a role in leading the company to its next level of success.
8220;We love to be involved in the communities we serve,” said Todd Temaat, owner of Zippy Shell Fox Valley, “so we're always looking for ways to help and the fact that RAFV teams up with Move for Hunger to deliver food to the Northern Illinois Food Bank is right in our sweet spot.
CUTLINE: Sheryl Blancato, executive director of Second Chance Animal Shelter, holds Zippy, a three-legged dog brought to East Brookfield from Kentucky after the March 2 tornado there.
He wrote many of the Rainbow scripts, and claimed he based the voice of domineering Zippy on a cross between Margaret Thatcher and Ian Paisley.
Although he was known for Zippy and George, he was actually a fabulous actor with a great singing voice and a wonderful raconteur - he used to tell us some wonderful stories.
Roy Skelton, left, who provided voices for the Daleks and George and Zippy in children's show Rainbow, has died
Despite being completely deaf, two-year-old Zippy passed the tests such as going to bed and staying there, walking by his owner's side while ignoring another dog nearby and walking at heel along a road among others.
CULTURE Club members have the chance to win a family ticket to see Zippy Superstar DJ at the Empire Theatre on Monday, February 15.
WEST MIDLAND Safari Park has always been known for its jaunty exploits and two of the park's lively resident zebras, Zack and Zippy, will be frolicking and delighting visitors now they've been moved from their winter quarters into their summer home.
The New York Times best-selling author Haven Kimmel (A Girl Named Zippy, 2002; The Used World, EXCELLENT Jan/ Feb 2008) returns with her fourth effort, Iodine, a byzantine examination of a tortured young psyche.
The Zippy Shipping Company must deliver packages to the Snow Day Sled Store, Tick Tock Toy Shop, Green Apple Grocery, and Beanstalk Books.
And you can join telly legends Zippy, George and Bungle as they get up to all kinds of hilarious antics.
gov), which has a career section with flash animation, zippy music and a ``personality quiz'' that is for entertainment purposes only.
MEET baby Zippy, the latest addition to West Midlands Safari Park's colourful menagerie of exotic animals.
He notes that he has seen "El" referenced in places as diverse as a hotel shampoo bottle and the comic strip Zippy the Pinhead.