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Synonyms for zipper

a fastener for locking together two toothed edges by means of a sliding tab

close with a zipper


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To recap: A solitary case of a single zipper pull coming off a kid's sweatshirt prompted a company to agree to return as much as $1.
The zipper bag made from virgin polypropylene food grade material employs 'perfect seal' and 'fresh lock' technologies, saving time and keeping food fresh throughout the day.
8221; said Richie, a 12 year old from Texas who's mom recently purchased his 8th zipper bracelet and 16th charm from CharmStrandz.
Zipper lanes may be a solution, but it is not for me to tell highway officials how to ease congestion.
A proven simple and reliable zipper system developed by Pro-Pac Services is built into the already proven standard Rollstock Inc.
The Leak-Proof zipper seals to a variety of laminates and polyethylene films.
First night teething problems were easily overcome by Joy Zipper
Trials in the US and Europe have shown that wounds closed with a surgical zipper are less vulnerable to infection, and scarring is less obvious.
The seams are covered with nylon to prevent snagging, and the bags have a zipper guard -- material folded over the zipper -- to prevent unzipping.
The senior winners receive the $1,000 Herbert Zipper Prize and a $500 prize, and the junior winners receive $500 and $250, respectively.
Speaking of trouble, at The Zipper rail Jamie's board practically chopped a couple's legs off
Although most consumers believe that all kinds of bulk and chunk cheese should be available in zipper packages, some consumers will not buy any cheese in a zipper package because they believe that it leads to faster molding.
A resident may have difficulty pulling up a zipper, therefore the health professional would point out that tie pants could be easier to manage.
The zipper was, at least for its first 25 years, definitely not a better solution, and it's not clear even now if zippers are an improvement over buttons and hook-and-eye fasteners.
To pull up a zipper on a pair of trousers, slip a paper clip through the hole in the zipper tab.