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a fastener for locking together two toothed edges by means of a sliding tab

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The packaging is in the form of a plastic bag with a zip fastener along its top edge that can be simply opened and closed when the goods are required.
Incam Chairman Jorg Urlaub is convinced of the merits of the new partnership: "NORDEA stands for Nordic ideas that are smart, original and functional, such as Tetra Pack or the zip fastener.
Tenders are invited for Two Piece Rain Coat Polyester Blended Jacket Along With Superior Zip Fastener Like Ykk Zip With Pant Size Xxl/Xl Detachable Hood Of Size Dgs And Ds Specification No.
A The zip fastener B The hamburger C The submarine D The teleprinter QUESTION 15 - for 15 points: Who had the UK's first number 1 chart hit with Here In My Heart in 1952?
On a bitter night and in front of a large crowd, Danmar Pudsy got first run and gamely held on for a length victory over Zip Fastener in 29.
A post-mortem revealed 97 objects in the 35-year-old vagrant's stomach, including pliers, a hammer, zip fastener, pens, coins, wire-rimmed glasses, nuts and bolts, screws and washers, safety pins, seven keys, nail clippers, watch and a small buckle belt.
Take the zip fastener, of which he says: 'I should be hailing the zip as a brilliant invention but I can't.
Measuring 42cms long x 24cms wide and 22cms high, it has a zip fastener and is on offer at just pounds 9.
The X Factor beauty, 25, wore the snazzy kecks - with a front-to-back zip fastener and tiny holes - as she partied in London's Soho with her Girls Aloud pals.
The likes of Graigues Toss, Zip Fastener and Hillcroft Josie are capable of holding their own with the best of them and if either of these slip clear around the bend then they will be very difficult to beat.
A total of 100,000 Tenzip bags ( a stationery bag for office or home use with a toothed zip fastener ( have been sold.
On This Day: 1896: The first zip fastener was patented in America by Whitcomb Judson.
Her company, Reuzip (pronounced re-use zip), has continued its success with Tenzip - a stationery bag for office or home use with a toothed zip fastener, and Zippydoor, which stops dust escaping around the house when builders are at work and is now being sold to the Stanley tool company.
Jokes to remember:Here are some of Ronnie Barker's most memorable lines 'The man who invented the zip fastener was today honoured with a lifetime peerage.
That's big enough to hold five beachcasters or several boat rods, accessed by a halfway power zip fastener.