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a fastener for locking together two toothed edges by means of a sliding tab

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Jokes to remember:Here are some of Ronnie Barker's most memorable lines 'The man who invented the zip fastener was today honoured with a lifetime peerage.
1889 - The 985ft high Eiffel Tower, costing pounds 260,000, was officially opened by French premier Tirard1896 - The zip fastener was patented by Whitcomb L.
That's big enough to hold five beachcasters or several boat rods, accessed by a halfway power zip fastener.
The all round zip fastener means easy cleaning and packing, while the strong shoulder strap will withstand even the roughest of playground games.
She faces a huge task tonight with the brilliant Forest Baby in opposition, not to mention ideally boxed Champagne Linda and dual Leinster Oaks heroine Zip Fastener.
it sounds like a like a clever zip fastener, a special folder system - rather than the name Renault used to introduce its minuscule city slicker when it first sashayed off the assembly line almost 15 years ago.
It's a pity it wasn't his head that got caught, but where in the world would they find a zip fastener big enough to fit his enlarged and empty cranium?
Perfect for the autumn is the store's mock croc stiletto boots, with a zip fastener (pounds 50) or its long fabric boots with a 7cm (23/4inch) heel, for pounds 50.
Measuring a generous 42cm long x 24cm wide and 22cm high, it has a zip fastener and is on offer for just pounds 7.
Having totally dominated the competition, the Keeley McGee trained daughter of Larkhill Jo and Shanless Rose was opposed in the betting by Forest Baby, who closed at 5-2, and the 7-2 chance Zip Fastener.
Much fun is had in Kinsey, directed by Bill Condon (one letter away from being hilariously apt), at the incredible sexual ignorance, much of it sustained by people like Alfred Kinsey's dad, a lay preacher for whom a zip fastener was "access to moral oblivion".
He wore dark trousers and a red hooded jacket with zip fastener.
Next fastest semi-final winner was Zip Fastener in 29.
The Middlesbrough company, which employs two staff and whose zip fastener is used in ZippyDoor, the DIY tool of the year, says it is proud of the achievement in the face of such stiff competition.