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Synonyms for zillion

Synonyms for zillion

a very large indefinite number (usually hyperbole)

very large indeterminate number

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Zillion TV offers consumers a wide variety of choices, which they can select on an a la carte basis.
New Delhi [India], July 11 ( ANI ): Punjabi folk singer Satinder Sartaaj, who won zillion hearts with his devotional song 'Sai', enthralled the audience with his soulful voice, here on Sunday, at Siri Fort Auditorium.
So while Grand Theft Auto is available on a zillion different games machines, there's just one page on the site where fans can get together and discuss it.
Despite spending months trawling books to find the perfect title for her little boy, it was her mum Pamela who finally came up with the answer - Zillion Leon Brown.
Not only are you searching endlessly to find the perfect presents for your friends and ram, but you've gotta wrap those gifts, finish a super-crucial science project, then bake a zillion reindeer-shaped cookies for your BFF's Jingle Bell Bash.
We were warned that the British motorsport industry was going to close with the loss of a zillion jobs, every hotelier within a 50-mile radius of Silverstone would instantly be rendered destitute, petrol was going to rise to pounds 10 a litre and that tuberculosis and cholera epidemics were inevitable.
These new plug-ins from GeeThree offer a zillion impressive new effects, transitions and titles for enhancing iMovie productions.
There are a zillion good methods and gizmos available for faux painting a wall, the familiar ones being rag rolling and sponge painting.
A comic melodrama, the play hurtles through a zillion plot twists involving a priceless jade Buddha, drug smuggling, false identities, and suicide by chrysanthemum sniffing.
Suzuki is about to introduce three new scooters this month - the UX50W Zillion, UC125 Epicuro and A400 Burgman.
As have a zillion moviemakers, cartoonists, and Halloween tricksters before him, artistic director Ben Stevenson takes his inspiration from Bram Stoker's B-grade novel, published exactly one hundred years ago.
One law enforcement source claimed that the police force has had a zillion problems.
From marking camps, finding your way back, identifying good guys, finding your downed game or a zillion other uses, these little buggers really rock.