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use of a word to govern two or more words though appropriate to only one

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My favorite zeugma was one that I found years ago in a book by Willard Espy (I think it was him): "He put out the light, the trash, and the cat.
x]'s mental phenomenon {thought}(#) concerning state> Zeugma in *She pronounced the sentence and her opinion proves that pronounce 1 and 2 are different, whereas we can construct a sentence which shows that examples of pronounce 1 belong in one sememe, such as: John Smith lived in a small town where he was the only doctor and the registrar, so that he pronounced people dead and married.
Carreira subraya el valor estilistico de los dos citados en primer lugar, en los que destaca la condensacion de tropos y figuras que presentan: metafora, metonimia, prosopopeya, zeugma, diferentes tipos de annominatio, antanaclasis, epanadiplosis, correlacion.
Como resultado de la combinacion, es posible generar representaciones conceptuales de caracter figurado que denotarian una interpretacion excesivamente forzada sin la ayuda del desdoblamiento conceptual que el zeugma es capaz de proyectar en la mente del lector.
Estos enunciados, dispuestos a merced de la reunion de las figuras retoricas anafora y zeugma descartan como anhelados receptores de su obra a los letrados, a los discretos por eleccion y no por naturaleza; inmediatamente despues amplia el conjunto de descartados.
Then there's zeugma, "a tricksy figure in which several clauses are governed by a single word.
In a delightful zeugma he observes that "houses are built by rule, and commonwealths" (l.
Sitios romanos de la importancia de Zeugma, situada al margen del rio Eufrates y famosa por sus mosaicos, han merecido un enfasis particular del estado turco.
April 5-8 5th International Society of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Congress, Papillion Zeugma Hotel, Antalya, Turkey.
Zabila, zafari, zagal, zaguan, zaherir, zahon, zahurda, zalea, zamacuco, zanco, zandia, zapato, zaquear, zis, zizana, zona, zeda, zelar, zelos, zensalino, zeugma, zona, zorra, zozobra, zueco, zuiza, zumague, zumbar, zuno, zureir, zurdo, zurriado, zuviar, zuzon etcetera>> (15r).
Some 1,700 square metres of mosaic unearthed in the ancient city of Zeugma, is on display in the museum.
It goes as far as oxymoron which is where we should all call a halt till A level in my opinion and, instead of zeugma, has 'Zest, zap and zing
Working from The Golden Bowl, The Ambassadors, The Wings of the Dove, and works produced in the years surrounding World War I, he outlines elements of language which point to a queer perspective, including James's use of literal and figurative language; complex grammar such as zeugma and syllepsis, which can divert and invert meaning; unusual sytax; metacognition as a presentation device; and others.
The Zeugma Mosaic Museum in Gaziantep encompasses pre-Hellenistic cultures and the Greek and Roman empires.
Which is why when Bob Hicok, employs, for example, a form of zeugma called syllepsis (let's see if I can define this: when a word in a sentence breaks the syntactical and semantic rules of order in relation to other words in or sections of the sentence, so the delivery of meaning is disrupted; yikes.