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marked by spirited enjoyment

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Yet on his latest outing after a short break in an amateurs' handicap at this course, in ground similarly soft to today's, Quite Sparky put up a zestful performance, making much of the running before finishing fifth in a big field.
Chef Takagi has a reputation for creating elegant and delicate cuisine, including starting bowls of clear soup made from zestful stock, seasonal fish dishes and the traditional dining ceremony's finishing round - powdered matcha tea.
Conversations with experienced Delaware corporate counsel or judges will confirm that directors who carry out their duties intelligently and without special perks are protected by the business judgment rule and should be forthright and zestful in exercising that judgment with courage and wisdom.
Far tougher tests lie ahead in qualifying, but you can only beat the teams in front of you and this was a more progressive, thoughtful, intelligent and zestful England.
What better way to do that except through colorful and inventive textiles that are zestful and filled with promise of new life and its endless possibilities," said Adel Al-Shamali, the general manager of Ikea Kuwait.
The accusation came after Brailsford almost sparked a row with his zestful comment that they were using 'special round wheels'.
The first half passed almost without incident, a strange development considering Athletic Bilbao's cavalier style and their zestful counter-attacking style.
Add to that the zestful drive and bubbling confidence that comes with 16 straight wins and 24 games unbeaten in a year of dominant displays in front of a sell-out crowd and you have a powerful cocktail.
Morris tells TR's story with a verve that matches Roosevelt's zestful approach to politics and life.
Winchester's passion for his topic and prodigious research, which he salts with anecdotes about his own seaborne adventures, give his book a zestful, if peculiar, dynamism.
The visual palette is more artfully riotous than that of other Alice films, the performances more zestful.
It took the zestful enthusiasm of youth to finally fashion a breakthrough.
This zestful activity is seen in the current 11th Open Bazzar in the Oceania City of Riyadh Gallery Mall in Riyadh, which is organized by the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA) in cooperation with the Abdul Mohsen Al Hokair Group for Tourism and Development.
Now it's Zestful, Zappy and Zazzy Zubar after the French defender's storming second half to the season.
Now her paintings - full of action and brightly coloured - are displayed at The Sage, adding an appropriately zestful tone to the cool white walls of Hall One as this weekend's festival gets off the starting blocks.