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preceding even the first

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Differentiating the zeroth order deformations (14) m times with respect to the embedding parameter q and then setting q = 0 and finally dividing theme by m
Mathematically the value of y(t) at any finite order of approximation is dependent upon the auxiliary parameter h, because the zeroth and high order deformation equations contain h.
The expressions for the zeroth order velocity profiles for the fluid and the particulate phase are therefore given as
To measure these performances, the test rig for zeroth prototype was used again, and the experimental uncertainty for measuring expander efficiency was [+ or -]1.
A group can have a set of attachment points, coded relative to the centre and placed in Descr, except for the zeroth, which defines the midpoint itself, and these can be used as attachments to objects outside the group.
The reaction order of ITX can easily be determined by doing a best curve It for zeroth, first, and second order rate equations.
In all of these, the year the plant starts producing energy is taken as the zeroth year.
While focusing on what might be called the first generation of women researchers (those born before 1900), the book also discusses in detail Marie Curie (1867-1934), who began her pioneering work in the 1890s and could be considered as belonging to the zeroth generation, and also mentions several representatives of the second generation such as Marguerite Perey (1909-1975), who discovered francium in 1939.
In particular, the short run elasticities for p and y are given by the estimated coefficients on the zeroth lag term (|Mathematical Expression Omitted~ and |Mathematical Expression Omitted~), while the long run elasticities are calculated as:
To the zeroth order [at the simplest level], the Big Bang is fine, but it doesn't account for the existence of us and stars, planets and galaxies.
Making use of the cognitive capabilities of QualcommA Zeroth , the X12 LTE modem monitors real-time Wi-Fi quality to decide if and when to shift the call from LTE to Wi-Fi or back.
The reaction starts with the addition of the first catalyst at zeroth time.
This cannot be permitted according to the zeroth law of thermodynamics, since all three objects are already at the same temperature.
Coefficient of soil reaction of some models is considered for two extreme cases, and these are zeroth and infinite stiffness of the foundation relative to the ground.