zero-tolerance policy

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any policy that allows no exception

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The zero-tolerance policy assumption is that inflexibility is a deterrent because, no matter how or why the rule was broken, the fact that it was broken is the basis for the imposition of the penalty.
Shaikh Sabah's reiteration of the zero-tolerance policy is seen as a consolidation of Kuwait's drive to preserve its excellent relations with other countries.
Therefore we support the measures announced today for a zero-tolerance policy, which lays the ground for all horses to compete on level terms on British racecourses.
This zero-tolerance policy should be supported by comprehensive alcohol and drugs education, covering risks such as 'morning-after' drink-driving.
Stewards will again wear headcams at Thursday night's match against Chelsea and will adopt a zero-tolerance policy.
Alfred Smack, supervisor at a Shelton receiving unit, said that this zero-tolerance policy for fighting helps keep the peace.
TOP COP Mike Craik has launched a zero-tolerance policy against yobbo families like those who drove Fiona Pilkington to suicide.
The Home Depot is an equal-opportunity employer and maintains a zero-tolerance policy against discrimination,'' spokeswoman Kathryn Gallagher said in a prepared statement.
He said: "There will now be a zero-tolerance policy for offences such as punching, kicking, stamping and verbal abuse.
Mark Jones, of Ultimate Leisure, who owns Bar Bacca, said: "We have a zero-tolerance policy on any kind of drug use in any of our bars and we are proud to be working with the North East Council on Addictions on a number of matters.
Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) has encouraged a zero-tolerance policy, removing permanently from public ministry any priest credibly proven to have sexually molested a minor; this policy has now been extended for five years.
It wasn't the first time Delacruz, a 10-year NYPD veteran, had gone easy on the homeless, despite a new zero-tolerance policy for violations by homeless people.
Along with this information, Sprint implemented a zero-tolerance policy on jokes or hoaxes related to the presence of such biological agents.
It's time for teachers to establish a zero-tolerance policy for inappropriate behavior.
The Department of Housing and Urban Development has a zero-tolerance policy regarding violent criminal behavior and drugs; therefore, the suspect cannot obtain Section 8 or public housing assistance from another PHA.