zero-sum game

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a game in which the total of all the gains and losses is zero

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In a zero-sum game, product differentiation begins to wane, commoditization increases and there's competitive pressure on both pricing and underwriting to make concessions.
Such a strategy could also help gradually dispel the widely-held view that a peace deal is, by definition, a zero-sum game.
Game theorists define a zero-sum game as "an endeavor in which the net result is zero.
Ukrainians see tens of thousands of Russian troops across their border and know they are looking down the barrel of quite a zero-sum game.
The challenge for us is to convince Iraq neighbors, particularly the Sunni Arab governments, that relations with a new Iraq are not a zero-sum game, where if Iraq wins, they lose," noted a Sept.
In a nutshell, my message is that policymakers and voters have treated international competitiveness for too long as a zero-sum game.
Among the topics are the next west, coyote commons, Glacier National Park, water in the Rockies as a zero-sum game, life among the pine beetles, what Colorado can learn from the Samso experiments, the changing rules of energy finance, homegrown security, and green city leadership.
His assertion makes it seem as if the time we have is a zero-sum game and there's nothing we can do about it.
It proves that linguistic management in education is not a zero-sum game.
Moscow should rethink its strategy of international relations as a zero-sum game, which in my mind is reminiscent of the 1970s superpower politics.
The longer-term view is that this is a zero-sum game.
Hoping to move past the tiresome zero-sum game bantered between the two, Embracing Mind strives to focus upon what really matters to us all - the understanding of reality.
Life, and the business of life, is not a zero-sum game.
Or are the poor better off in a system that is a zero-sum game, where any person's gain is another's loss, and where all decisions must be implemented by strict rules and laws because they are not accepted voluntarily, a system that demands quality, equality, compliance, and health--or death?
The bigger picture here that executives must be mindful of is that economic competition over the world's resources and raw materials is quickly becoming a zero-sum game in which whatever China can lock down will be denied to the U.