zero tolerance

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extreme intolerance of antisocial behavior (usually by an uncompromising application of the law)

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My humble advice to them is to continue with that spirit of zero tolerance for indiscipline, impunity and unconstitutionality.
We expect the members of the State Commission for the Prevention of Corruption to also honor the principle of zero tolerance to corruption and to showcase accountability bearing in mind the latest developments and the fact that this what their mission is all about," said representatives of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia.
There is zero tolerance to the terrorism and we are going to stop cross border infiltration of terrorists.
Zero tolerance and alternative strategies: A fact sheet for educators and policymakers.
The UK limit is currently 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood - in contrast to countries such as Sweden and Poland who have a limit of 20mg/100ml blood - effectively zero tolerance.
This visit commits the Ministry to creating awareness on the 16 Days of Activism and the Zero Tolerance Violence Free Community (ZTVFC) Program.
Lord Coe said that he was disappointed when the BOA's lifetime ban for athletes found guilty of doping was overturned in court in May, and that he will seek to enforce a zero tolerance approach.
The zero tolerance standard effectively blocked imports of beef from the United States, where use of the drug is routine.
Previous work on zero tolerance laws has thoroughly examined their effects on a variety of drinking-related behaviors, but as yet their effects on traffic fatalities--the most fundamental question of all--have not received a full treatment.
10) who said that a zero tolerance approach would help to stop criminals in their tracks.
High-stakes testing and the pressure placed by tests creates the incentives to push out low-performing students, and zero tolerance is the way to do that," says Jim Freeman, staff attorney and director of Ending the Schoolhouse to Jailhouse Track initiative with the Advancement Project.
The new Joint Commission policy is a good start but it needs to be followed up at the institutional level with strong communication that there is ZERO tolerance for these behaviors, and strong actions when they occur.