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the point on a scale from which positive or negative numerical quantities can be measured


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The project will be completed in three phases, the first phase was consisted of 4 km from Zero point to Faizabad, second phase was comprised of 8 km from Faizabad to Koral and last phase will be consisted of some 12 km from Koral to Rawat, he maintained.
This newest lease with Zero Point Zero reflects the successful re-positioning of the building and the continued confidence our tenants have in management and the quality of the building.
The residents complained of non existence of the shelters at bus stops which included GPO, Civic Centre, Lal Masjid, Three Number (Itwar Bazar), PIA Eastern side, CDA, Fire Brigade, Urdu University and Zero Point are the major Bus stops existing with out Shelters.
About Zero Point Zero : Zero Point Zero Production is an award-winning production company located in Manhattan.
Zero point interchange is connecting three main highways and serves as an interchange for the people using public transport in the city.
a Silicon Valley startup, claims to have created a completely new science and theory to harness zero point energy.
Iran closed zero point on 22 September citing the construction reason.
I learned that "The Wellness Wand incorporates a new technology from Asia, which allows universal life energy, sometimes called zero point energy or Prana, to be focused through the tip of a stainless steel tube shaped like a pen.
ISLAMABAD, July 9 -- Zero Point Interchange Project Director Mumtaz Husain confirmed the delay in payments regarding construction of the Interchange but he added: "we do not want to increase the problems of CDA, so consultant firm will increase the speed of work as soon as funds will be released.
The zero point agitation of the Planck particles within the degenerate negative-energy PV create zero-point electromagnetic fields that exist in free space [5], the evidence being the [e.
Zero Point Clamping System is a quick-change fixture that combines ease of alignment, accurate positioning, and high clamping forces with hydraulic or pneumatic actuation.
Greensboro, NC, reduced its setup time, improved the flexibility of its shop, and maintained a level of accuracy, repeatability, and rigidity using the Unilock Zero Point pallet system from Schunk, Inc.
Zero Point Energy: The Fuel of the Future is a marvelous introduction to the concept of zero point energy and what its practical applications could mean in a future where fossil fuels become increasingly depleted.
This book reveals the exciting notion that zero point energy, which supports every atom and molecule, will soon be used to power such things as a car and house.
Zero Point Mounting Kits allow machine set-up time to be reduced to seconds, optimizing CNC machinery.