zero coupon bond

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a bond that is issued at a deep discount from its value at maturity and pays no interest during the life of the bond

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budget and is used to guarantee zero coupon bonds issued by the federal
Each zero coupon bond holding period return was next weighted inversely by its duration to create a composite measure of term structure movement.
When you give a zero coupon bond, you know your gift has built-in growth value.
E = Reduction, if any, in transaction costs vis-a-vis acquiring a comparable zero coupon bond and purchasing call options on the S&P 500 separately (or dynamically replicating the call option component); and
India's National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (Nabard), is planning to launch a 10-year zero coupon bond sale to raise INR20bn-INR30bn.
As of July 7, 1998, the Treasury zero coupon bond maturing on March 15, 2018, requires a $310 investment, a gift you can give a child.
Should you need to sell your Zero Coupon bond prior to maturity, the interest rates at the time will dictate how much you get back.
According to the Ministry of Finance, the balance for the second type of bond, the zero coupon bond, is approximately EGP 61.
Investors are subject to income taxes annually on the accreted interest of the Series' zero coupon bond holdings.
Lombara joins HSBC from Merrill Lynch in New York where he was Managing Director and Head Trader for the Zero Coupon Bond Desk.
Treasury said Friday that it would hold a debut auction on Monday for the 14-month (420-day) TRY-denominated zero coupon bond.
The notes rank pari passu with all other senior obligations, sold as a zero coupon bond with an effective yield of 3 month Libor minus 200%.
Treasury held 20-month (609-day) TRY denominated zero coupon bond and seven-year (2,513-day) TRY denominated floating coupon bond (semiannually) auctions.
In a 21-month (644-day) TRY-denominated zero coupon bond auction, Treasury sold nominal 2.