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handsomely striped or mottled wood of the zebrawood tree

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Supplies of zebrawood were short, due in part to civil wars in West Africa.
Martin Archery sells three 68-inch longbows--the Howatt Custom, the Pioneer, and the striking clear-glass Zebrawood Mountaineer.
The result is a wood that can be made to look like teak or zebrawood, or something unique in non-wood colors like purple, green, or blue.
Brazilian hardwood floors and Zebrawood entry doors.
Brunsman Lissi, to Christenson Evert J; 1385 Zebrawood Ctr, Florence, 97439; $205,000.
Made of woods such as snakewood, bubinga, quilted maple, ebony, mahogany and zebrawood, Wiklund's tables are stunning, with a simplicity and smoothness that belie the almost eight weeks of toil that go into handcrafting each one.
Especially popular are the Warthog A Plus with its multi-laminate handle in two colors, and the Super Diablo recurve bow with hand-crafted zebrawood throughout and clear bow-limb glass to show every gorgeous detail.
The store's interior features zebrawood display cases and vitrines, limed oak with rough hewn stone and lacquered wall accents, a dramatically designed staircase, Shibori window treatments, and elegant chandeliers inspired by the tree-lined street.
The Bamboo Collection features an array of bamboo plywood material options, from horizontal and vertical grains to Neapolitan, a unique blend of light and dark bamboo strands to create a zebrawood effect.
Commonly known as zebrano, zebrawood is a hard, heavy and dense wood.
The luxurious beds, wrapped in warm zebrawood, are the focal point of the rooms, encouraging relaxation.
It ran out of tree names, which run from west to east, alphabetically, starting with Alder and ending with Zebrawood.
From the burnished tones of a cork-wrapped lamp to a column of alternating bands of zebrawood and acrylic, each emanates a cozy warmth that feels just right for the season.