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inch long mollusk imported accidentally from Europe

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Generally, zebra mussel populations peak within a few years of invasion and decline somewhat thereafter (Karatayev et al.
Hydrilla and zebra mussels are just two of many invasive species that are problematic in New York.
The downlake accumulation of larvae and the abundance of large, stable substrate conducive to zebra mussel colonization and growth (Marsden and Lansky, 2000) led us to predict that recruited individuals also would be more abundant in this region.
KEY WORDS: sodium chloride, zebra mussel, Dreissena, decontamination, iodized table salt, water softener salt
In the case of zebra mussels, for example, Cardiff Harbour Authority is asking fishermen to wash their equipment in disinfectant to help prevent spreading the mussels' larvae.
Within the last 15 years, several studies have focused on various aspects of zebra mussel fertilization and early development (Ram and Nichols, 1993; Fong et al.
The zebra mussel traveled from the Mediterranean to the Great Lakes in 1988.
Despite the appearance of two species of exotic bivalves since the 1978 study, only the invasive zebra mussel is likely to have had an impact.
Since 1990, the round goby has been following the path of the invasive zebra mussel, spreading throughout the Great Lakes basin and into the interior of North America.
Harmful non-native species, such as the comb jelly in the Black Sea and the zebra mussel in the U.
Before long, however, the zebra mussel became a common sight along the shores of the Great Lakes and other American waterways, clinging to just about any hard surface, including the insides of water company and power plant intake pipes.
Instead, he uses the example of the zebra mussel to reiterate the standard invasion biology mantra: invasive species are bad and we should fight against them.
Consider these examples: The sea lamprey preys on lake salmon; the zebra mussel has to be scraped off hulls and out of water intake pipes; and because of the resulting viral hemorrhagic septicemia (VHS) virus, fish that would have filled the nets of trawlers are washing up dead on Lake Huron beaches.