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Car drivers and pedestrians need to be provided with clear, painted markings on zebra crossings.
The pedestrians find it hard to cross the road in the absence of zebra crossings.
He (pedestrians) has to commit to crossing the road safely at only zebra crossings, footbridges or intersections taking care of traffic signals and not wear light clothes that reflect lights," said Lt Col Al Dossary, who encouraged families and schools to help promote traffic awareness among children.
Ignoring the irony of our zebra crossings being scrapped in droves over health and safety concerns, the girl's appearance contrasted starkly with two girls who featured in the preceding Chinese extravaganza precariously seated on a raised stage, beating the living daylights out of drum kits twice their size.
LEADING South African trainer Neil Bruss launches his career in Britain today with Zebra Crossing in the Brunswick Handicap (5.
An asylum seeker who caused the death of a woman when his car crashed into her on a zebra crossing in Birmingham has been jailed for six years.
The great Lester Piggott was once trying to make the same short journey without success and the bobby on patrol pointed out that there was a zebra crossing down the road.
Families have gathered to protest about a new zebra crossing being installed in Gosforth, Newcastle.
Cardiff council wants to build two new zebra crossings in Station Road in Llandaff North and upgrade the existing zebra crossing to include a speed table - a type of a speed hump.
A CONTROVERSIAL zebra crossing in Slaithwaite village centre which has been the scene of several accidents and near-misses could be on the move.
But now Middlesbrough Council has proposed to install a zebra crossing.
The accident happened near a zebra crossing on a 20mph stretch of Grange Road, Rhyl just after 8.
The street had a touch of Abbey Road as a zebra crossing was set up sponsored by Gregory Abrams, who has solicitors' offices in Penny Lane and Mathew Street.
Sharif-ud-Din, a 65 years old resident of G-9 said Zebra crossings at busy roads of the capital are not providing a safe passage to the pedestrians, as most of the drivers have no awareness about zebra crossing, so they do not bother to stop and let people cross safely.
Rubble thundered from the building in Ocean Road just as youth club volunteer Lucus Nygaard was using a zebra crossing.